Customer Anty Fucks In The Cell Phone Store

In this hot and steamy video we see a beautiful customer walk into a cell phone store looking for the latest and greatest gadgets. But she has no idea that the saleswoman has a surprise in store for her. As the customer strolls through the aisles, the clerk watches her from behind the counter, admiring her curves and wondering how he could get her to bed. Finally, the opportunity presents itself when the customer steps up to the counter to purchase her items. The clerk, desperate to get her attention, leans over the counter, flirting with her and trying to make her laugh. To his surprise, the customer leans over the counter and the two exchange a passionate kiss. As they continue making out, the saleswoman reaches under the counter and pulls out a giant dildo, ready to take the customers' virginity. She seems shocked at first, but then she sees the look in the saleswoman's eyes and realizes that's exactly what she wants. The saleswoman puts the vibrator inside her and starts pumping her vigorously, making her moan and scream in pleasure. The customer leans back on the counter and enjoys every moment. As they continue to fuck, the saleswoman takes out a condom, puts it on, and then sticks another vibrator into the customer. She gasps in surprise, but then feels the pleasure of the second vibrator and moans even louder. The employee continues to fuck the customer, massaging her breasts with his hands and licking her clit with his tongue. She is completely under his control, moaning and demanding more. As the video comes to an end, the salesperson leaves the room and the customer collapses on the counter, panting and sweating. The saleswoman smiles at her, pleased with a job well done. This is a video that will leave you wanting more.

Duration: 23:48

Views: 24

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